ARC have conducted training programs for a large number of companies, universities, professional firms, industry associations and government departments.

The content of the training programs varies from dispute management to personal development and the presentation of technical agricultural papers.

For many of the courses and training programs that ARC people have delivered, ARC has identified the need and made the suggestion to the client organisation that a training program be designed and delivered to improve a specific aspect of an organisations performance.

An example of this that has been repeated many times is the handling of customer complaints to companies that have a sales force working out of multiple branches. Sales representatives will typically have sound technical skills and knowledge of the product range they are dealing with but will not have a similar level of skills they can draw on to handle customer complaints.

In fact, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the first reaction of field staff to customer complaints is to either ignore them or to assure the customer that they will “look into it” and then do nothing about it in the hope that the matter will go away.  

While this is the most common strategy of dealing with complaints, it is also the worst.  While many complaints are relatively straightforward and easily dealt with, there will be complaints received that if not dealt with in a timely manner can escalate rapidly and have an eventual impact many times greater than it would have if it had been dealt with early and effectively.

ARC people have worked with client companies to deliver programs that give field staff the knowledge and, importantly, a process for handling customer complaints. A number of companies have said the greatest benefit of these types of programs is that equipping field staff with the realisation that the most painless way of dealing with complaints is through early and decisive action satisfaction levels of both customers and staff are improved.

If you are interested in being provided with further information on the training courses we have developed and delivered and whether a program could be beneficial for your own organisation, please contact us.

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