Class actions and loss events with multiple claimants are increasingly common in our business environment.

These matters usually have a profile in the media, the resources available to run them are considerable and there are significant intangible factors at play such as the pubic reputations of the various parties involved.  

All of these factors make it essential that the parties involved have the experience and expertise required to carry out their required role.

ARC has been retained by insurers and solicitors involved in multi claimant actions to advise on incurred losses, mitigation strategies and general dispute resolution. While effectively executing instructions is a key requirement, it is our experience that it is the “soft skills” that come to the fore.

By this we mean that as there are many individual parties involved, any grievance, misunderstanding or frustration felt by an individual party has the potential to spread amongst many parties and escalate to be rapidly out of control. 

It is vital therefore that all claimants have the ability at all times to communicate with some-one that can understand and act on their concerns and be able to provide re-assurance where it is required. While a 100% success rate can never be guaranteed in these matters, most parties will continue to be co-operative and constructive if they perceive that their concerns are being listened to and acted on.

Another key requirement in successfully acting in these matters is possessing the logistical skills to be able to administer and manage the “back office” functions required to effectively run these types of actions. Where the matter is in Court and the possibility exists that admissible evidence and documentation may be required, the back office skills need to operating in a highly professional manner.

The combination of past experience of ARC people and the national network and other resources at their disposal means that ARC has the experience required to be a highly effective member of the team that is required to work on multi-claimant actions.

ARC - the right choice.