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ARC Group understands the unique characteristics of agricultural systems, and is able to deliver the most effective methods for measuring and quantifying losses, at both individual and industry levels, across all agricultural sectors.

In agriculture, there is potential for loss on many fronts, and when adverse events occur, timely and accurate appraisal and quantification are necessary.

Areas of Loss

ARC Group has the experience and expertise to quantify agricultural losses across all sectors of primary industry.

Our quantification and loss adjustment procedures can address losses including (but not limited to):

  • Crop loss due to all perils including weather, fire, pests, and pathogens
  • Crop losses due to faulty performance of seed or other inputs supplied by third parties.
  • Livestock mortality or impairment
  • Economic loss due to regulatory issues
  • Forestry fires

Agricultural losses are not always discrete events, and may extend over a number of years. We are specialists in the assessment of loss of future production in all agricultural sectors.  

Calculating future losses requires different skills to those utilised to quantify historical losses.   Key amongst these required skills is a detailed understanding of the technical production parameters of the agricultural sector involved combined with knowledge of the potential impact of variables outside of the control of the affected party.

Appraisal and Quantification

While devising the methodology is the first step in the quantification process, knowing which tools to use, and how to properly use them, is also vitally important. Our people are skilled in using a broad range of available technologies, and in staying abreast of new developments that will improve timeliness and accuracy which in turn leads to a reduction in costs.

Devising and deploying the most appropriate methodology to quantify a particular loss is the most important component in the claim resolution process. ARC Group has decades of experience in doing this, and our detailed knowledge of all agricultural sectors ensures that we are quick to determine the most appropriate methodology for resolution.

Developments in satellite and aerial imaging, remote sensing, the use of drones, and improvements in soil and plant tissue analysis are examples of technologies that can increase the accuracy of appraisal and quantification. With the improvements and refinements that are continuously happening with these advanced technologies, the need for people with very precise specialties can be required. Where ARC people don’t have the particular expertise required to advance or resolve particular issues,, we know the specialists who will be able to supply the skills that are needed.

It is our expertise and experience that will best determine which resources are needed, and which provide the most timely and cost effective processes to complete the quantification.

Loss Management

Agricultural losses are unique, in that the loss event can persist or have an effect over a period of months, or even years. Resolution of these types of losses can require a complex set of analyses and interventions which while accurately measuring the loss, minimise the incidence of any additional losses.

For example, suppose an established macadamia nut orchard was damaged by an incorrectly formulated spray mix. Assume that the damage was extensive, and had a significant effect on yields, but was not sufficient to kill—or warrant the removal—of the affected trees. In this circumstance, a protocol would be needed to identify and achieve critical steps, including:

  • determining as quickly as possible whether some or all of the trees can be saved or whether it is a better course to remove them straight away.
  • If it is determined that some or all of the trees can be saved, the management tasks and interventions needed to restore the trees to full health as soon as possible need to be devised and enacted,
  • measuring and quantifying the difference between the expected and actual yields, and
  • identifying the point at which the loss ceases which, given the husbandry of macadamia trees, could be a number of years.

At ARC Group, we have the experience and skills to efficiently and effectively manage and resolve ongoing loss situations across a broad range of primary industries. We have the knowledge, adn the experience to know when to arrange additional expertise required and  to accurately quantify complex loss situations, and to minimise the impact of the loss, whether it is a discrete or ongoing event.

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