Work with experienced agricultural specialists to ensure success in your liability matter.

ARC Group understands that agriculture is a risky business, with the potential for liability arising on a number of fronts.  We provide a thorough and specialised service for agricultural problems and disputes.

Agricultural systems are complex, and when problems occur, they can affect any number of links in a sector’s supply chain. This is why a comprehensive knowledge of how supply chains are constructed and their associated risk factors is essential for investigating agricultural liability claims. As a firm focussed entirely on agriculture, the ARC Group has the detailed knowledge required to accurately appraise and resolve liability issues across all primary industry sectors.  

Liability Types

ARC Group provides a thorough and specialised problem-solving service across all areas where liability issues can emerge. Some examples of the types of issues we regularly investigate include:

  • Liability from Incorrect Chemical Usage:  This can arise from chemical drift damaging non targeted crops, improper use of spraying equipment or incorrect application techniques, contravention of local regulations governing application.
  •  Professional Liability: Can result from incorrect or inappropriate advice being given, incorrect recommendations made as to chemical usage or crop husbandry techniques.
  • Product liability: injury or damage resulting from the use or consumption of a business’s products, for example, fertilisers or feed rations that have been contaminated or incorrectly formulated, crop varieties that have been incorrectly supplied or don’t perform as they should, and contamination of seed with weed seeds

The obligations and responsibilities involved in agricultural liability cases can be complicated by a number of variables, but the ARC Group has the professional resources to provide comprehensive and sound recommendations for resolution.

Investigative Processes

ARC Group has a network of consultants across the country, a professional and experienced team who are skilled in the accurate appraisal and resolution of liability exposure in all agricultural sectors.

We offer fast and thorough analysis of liability matters, and our comprehensive processes involve organising site inspections, collection and analysis of samples, background research, interviewing and preparing statements for relevant personnel, and designing and conducting trials and experiments to test theories.

Where a matter is unusually complex and requires specialist expertise, ARC Group will assemble a team of experts, and project manage the task by providing comprehensive briefs and monitoring procedures, compiling and analysing data, and preparing reports and recommendations based on the results.

Managing Liability Exposure

The obligations and responsibilities involved in agricultural liability cases are often complicated by a number of contributing variables, but ARC Group has the professional resources to provide comprehensive information and sound recommendations for resolution.

We can also offer professional consulting services to optimise business structures and procedures, so that risk exposure is mitigated. We will identify actual and potential risks to your organisation, and make recommendations on how to minimise the risks and their detrimental consequences.

We can liaise with insurance providers to review your exposure to potential liability issues, and assess whether your current insurance arrangements are adequate in light of the liability issues identified.


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