The broad role and the reasons that Expert Witnesses are utilised in Court processes is generally understood in the community.

What is less well understood however is the specific legal obligations and responsibilities entailed. Through acting as Expert Witnesses in many matters across a wide variety of sectors, ARC people have a thorough understanding of what the role of an Expert Witness is. 

The primary responsibility of an Expert Witness is to provide assistance to the Court. If a particular witness is inexperienced or not properly instructed, is easy for them to lapse into playing the role of an advocate. They may be unwittingly supporting the case of their side of the matter by making assertions and representations that are not supported by strong evidence or any evidence at all. If this occurs it has the effect of undermining the effectiveness of the Witness and calls into question the depth of their expertise.

It is also vitally important to realise that for someone acting as an Expert Witness, is it is the little things that matter. Through having the detailed knowledge of how the written report of an Export Witness should be correctly constructed and formatted, an Expert will add to their credibility and effectiveness in assisting the Court.

Appointing an Expert Witness is not a strategy without risk. An inexperienced or ill-prepared Witness can potentially have a detrimental effect on the interests of their side by having their evidence called into question or discredited by the other side.

Whether via a written report or Court appearance or both, by virtue of their industry experience, ARC people have a deep and thorough understanding of the responsibilities and obligations of an Expert Witness.

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