ARC Group is skilled in resolving agricultural disputes, without resorting to expensive and time-consuming litigation.

We operate ethically, with the aim of bringing disputes to a mutually satisfying resolution, and a timely conclusion with minimal expenditure of resources for both parties.

  • Reduce costs by engaging ARC Group, your expert mediators
  • Commitment to mutual goal resolution which benefits all parties

Our team are skilled in conducting open and honest negotiations, and we maintain professional communication at all times. We facilitate logical and fact-based discussion, and promote a respectful environment in which parties are willing to participate in achieving the mutual goal of resolution.

ARC Group will work cooperatively with both parties—who may be individuals, private companies, public or multinational companies, or government departments—in order to conduct productive and gainful negotiations that will achieve positive outcomes across a broad range of agricultural disputes.

Types of Disputes

Disputes can occur through misunderstandings, and can escalate over years, being compounded by unrelated issues over long periods of time. Because agricultural operations are responsible for the livelihood and financial well-being of many people, disputes between parties are often heated and emotionally charged.

Some of the dispute types that ARC Group have experience with include:

  • Land use issues
  • Issues between land-holders and government authorities or utilities or other statutory organisation
  • Defective goods claims, including livestock
  • Professional indemnity issues
  • Claims for damage caused by agricultural operations, including pollution and contamination caused by agricultural chemicals, and damage caused by livestock

Most agricultural disputes can be resolved through systematic discussion, which reveals the point of view of both parties, leading not only to a resolution of the foremost issue, but to a mutual understanding and goodwill that is instrumental in the prevention of future disputes.

Resolution Techniques

It is almost always in the best interests of both parties to resolve disputes locally, rather than engage in time consuming, costly, and exhausting legal battles. Resolving agricultural disputes via the Courts or other legal means should be a last resort. As well as the cost entailed, the end result will often result in one or more of the participating parties being unhappy.

A much more satisfying result can be achieved, without the animosity between the parties or the enormous capital wastage, if effective negotiation techniques are used to achieve compromise.

Negotiation to achieve mutual resolution is often the most effective way to resolve disputes.

ARC Group’s skilled negotiators can promote constructive discussion through which both parties can understand the impact they have on the other: the result is often that the dispute is resolved with the offending party happy to make changes to activities they weren’t even aware were causing problems.

Mediation can be useful in bridging impasse situations, in restoring communication between parties, where a matter has the potential to escalate to litigation, and where the matters are not legal in nature but still have a negative impact on the parties.

In disputes where legal action is required, ARC Group can offer supportive third party assistance, providing accurate interpretation of facts and data, and providing the expert knowledge and documentation necessary to make an accurate determination of liability.


ARC Group communicates effectively with all parties involved in liability cases, using ethical disclosure of information, professional negotiation, and clear correspondence. This ensures that relevant information is accessible to all parties involved in the investigative process, and timely resolution can be achieved without unnecessary delays and complications.

We value simple communication. We understand the needs and concerns of all the parties that make up agricultural supply chains and through regular and clear communication, we ensure that our clients understand the methodology and processes that we’ll be using to achieve the results they seek.

ARC - the right choice.