Whether it is from images captured by a satellite, a drone or by some other means, the whole field of remote sensing imagery in agriculture is experiencing exponential growth.  There is no doubt that this rate of growth will be maintained or increased for the foreseeable future.

While most people in primary industries are aware of the existence of satellite and other imagery, the number of people able to interpret and utilise the imagery and other spatial datasets for commercial purposes is very much smaller.

ARC people have, and continue to develop, expertise in the effective utilisation of satellite imagery. In keeping with the rapid development of this field, ARC people are working in conjunction with overseas based companies that own and operate satellites to develop new and better agricultural applications.

There are many areas where ARC people may be able to assist in utilising satellite and other geoimage information. These include historical and current season yield assessments, historical comparisons of vegetation cover, soil fertility assessments and corrections, revegetation assessment and planning, boundary alignment according to vegetation and soil type. 

As this technology develops, new applications are constantly emerging. If you would like to discuss how ARC’s capabilities in this area may be applicable to your own business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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